Bulletproof Glass:

  • Bulletproof glass thickness varies from 20 to 80 mm making it resistant to different types of guns. Its standard size for vehicles can reach 100 x 145 cm. For buildings, a maximum of 200 cm x 145 cm, yet thicknesses, dimensions and weight specifications can be adjusted according to client needs.

Our Approach

Riemal Company specialized in the glass manufacturing glass for vehicles, house appliances, security glass, and bulletproof glass.

We afford different sizes to suit the client's needs in terms of the nature of the surrounding environment to safety. Our aesthetic theorist completes super vision of beauty by creating a private factory to produce glass for vehicles and private factory to produce Heat-insulating glass and security glass. our glass factories have award winning international quality certificates # De-En-EU # .


we export to 39 countries around the world and deal with 126 international companies of pioneers of the auto industry such as Hyundai and Mercedes Egypt and other electrical industries company like Schneider Germany and others because the level of quality Riemal company specialized in the glass manufacturing glass for vehicles -house appliances -security glass - Bulletproof glass ….

In 2017, we opened Riemal glass manufacturer located in Zurich Switzerland to serve Central Europe of different glass needs and strive for the permanent satisfaction of our customers.